Pure Golfing Magic

If you dream of improving your golf swing, hitting more fairways and greens in regulation and achieving lower scoring rounds, it’s time you embraced a little golfing magic and turn your golfing dreams into reality.

Swing Genie

Introducing Swing Genie, a revolutionary new affordable training aid designed to ensure you hit the ball with improved accuracy and ultimately reduce your handicap by:

  • Correcting your swing plane.
  • Improving your swing tempo.
  • Ensuring that the club face is correctly aligned.
  • Facilitating the correct cocking of the wrist, and
    Improving your putting stroke.

Product Information

Swing Genie is locally manufactured by Primal Plastics – Bellville in the Western Cape. It is constructed from the highest quality durable plastic to suit both right- and left-handed players. Swing Genie is the ultimate training aid to correct your swing motion, and best of all, it can be used to practise indoors – be it at the office or at home – at your own leisure! It is also suitable for players at all levels – from amateurs to pros – to improve their swings.

Affordable Golf Training Aid

Swing Genie is available direct to the public. Available in red, blue or white. Includes printed fitting instructions and guidelines for use.

Benefits of Swing Genie

The photographs below illustrate how Swing Genie can help you identify problem areas regarding your golf swing.

  1. Swing Genie missing the wrist indicates that the club face is closed, which will result in a hook.

  1. Swing Genie between the arms indicates that the club face is open, which will result in a slice.

  1. Swing Genie not making contact with the wrist while arm is bent. The left arm must always be straightened to ensure a good swing.

Improve Your Swing

Swing Genie, if used correctly, is guaranteed to correct all these faults and your swinging motion, which in turn creates a rhythm through your feet and legs. Use this rhythm to sense where the club is swinging and get a feel for your golf swing!

  1. Assume the correct position as you would when addressing a golf ball. Notice Swing Genie is on top of the club shaft and is pointing towards the left shoulder..

  1. Backswing is started with a shoulder turn and transfer of weight to the right side. Swing Genie is on top of the shaft.

  1. From a hip horizontal position, use a wrist radial movement whilst continuing a shoulder turn to the top of the backswing so that the Swing Genie’s “arc” touches the side of the left forearm. Ensure that the left arm is straightened.

  1. Initiate down swing with transfer of weight to the left side. Ensure that the Swing Genie’s “arc” stays against the side of the left forearm until the shaft is vertical.

  1. Allow Swing Genie to move away from the forearm by accelerating the hands. Club head strikes the ball with square club face. This can be observed at the point of impact with Swing Genie, which is again positioned on top of the shaft.

  1. Follow through to three-quarter position whilst continuing wrist radial movement so that the shaft points upwards. Swing Genie’s “arc” will meet the forearm again as the left arm starts to bend. Finish with a smooth follow-through at top of swing, hips facing target and Swing Genie’s “arc” still on forearm, shaft positioned horizontally.

Improve Your Putting Stroke

The use of a sweatband on the forearm is recommended to golfers with sensitive skin. To obtain maximum results, consult your local PGA golf teaching professional for instructions and advice. Swing Genie suits both right- and left-handed players; male and female at all levels.

  1. Attach Swing Genie to the side of the putter. Assume normal putting grip, making sure that the wrist pushes firmly against Swing Genie’s arc.

  1. Wrap a rubber band twice around Swing Genie and the putter grip.

  1. Push forefinger through the rubber band. When executing the putting stroke keep the wrist against Swing Genie. This will encourage good shoulder action when putting, and it will eliminate wrist action (fig 2 – 3).

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Swing Genie is available direct to the public. You have nothing to lose and only an improved swing to gain! Contact us today for more information.

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