Every great idea in life starts somewhere. Whether you just have a concept in mind, a hand sketch or a CAD drawing, at PP we are ready to help bring your concept to life. We offer the full PLCMS – Project Life Cycle Management Solution through applied PMM - Project Management Methodology. Our customer-first approach has helped PP achieve 95% customer retention over the years.


Our plastics manufacturing facility is proud to be part and support the SA injection moulding industry by employing a local team of experienced and dedicated female operators, who run equipment ranging from 30 tons to 140 tons. Manually and computer controlled, and give optimal efficiency in set-up, process control and monitoring. Our injection moulding machines and production systems are designed for repeatability to help reduce time and labour costs with lower reject rates, saving time and money.

3D Design

We have considerable experience in helping our client’s refine their concept and translate it into a working 3D design through our in-house designer and manage the project accordingly.

Custom Injection Moulder

PP is the Cape Town local custom injection moulder specializing in injection moulding, blow moulding, product design, plastics engineering, tool making support, finishing and CAD.


We can offer support directly and indirectly in the wide spectrum of plastic engineering.


PP is a Multi-Discipline custom injection moulding company:

  • Specialized blow/injection moulding for large and small clients
  • Personal professional attention
  • Adaptable service subjected to the need and priority at any stage
  • Focused OTD On Time Delivery
  • Product assembly and finishing to standards
  • Competitive and adaptable price
  • Design engineering to suit your needs
  • Project planning progress and control
  • 3D design modelling and plotting
  • Product design and advice regardless
  • Mould manufacture support by tool making partners

Basic Process

Design Concept- The world’s greatest ideas had to start somewhere. Regardless if you just have a simple concept in mind, a basic sketch on a piece of paper or an advanced CAD drawing, our team can bring it to life.

Production Process

The final step in the product’s journey is the actual production thereof. Our manufacturing division has processed nearly 35 Million custom plastic products over the past five years.

We have extensive experience working with both thin and heavy gauge plastic parts. With a 24Hr x 5Day operational schedule, we can complete your orders to deadline, in a cost-effective manner and to your exact specifications.

Efficient Manufacturing

Plastics have always been a high-tech industry, which is why we are updating our facilities with modern, energy-efficient design equipment. Advance plastic manufacturing methods helps to use less energy and generates less waste without sacrificing quality. In fact, we’re able to manufacture products faster than ever before. No material is wasted, and we recycled everything regardless with our reputable partners. Environmental protection is a high priority at our business.

Quick Turnarounds

You don’t have to import custom made plastic products. We offer ISO certified-quality manufacturing at significant cost savings. Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can quickly produce thousands of units in less time than it takes to order them from a retailer or supplier.

Specialised Custom Products

Our custom plastic injection moulding equipment can manufacture custom plastic products of any shape or size. See products tab for just a few of the many products we can create for your business. Quality assurance is an integral part of any company in today’s competitive marketplace, and we take it very seriously. Quality Control and Assurance at PP is a three-step process:


A visual inspection is performed by our trained machine operators on every part that is made the moment it comes out of our machine using the parameters and critical dimensions set by the client, our customer, to identify any rejects.


The injection moulded parts are then randomly inspected once again by PP management at the machine once every hour, and any rejects are logged.


Finally, the acceptable parts are pre-boxed quality checked, counted and moved to final QA/QC check area, where they are randomly inspected once again, and the count is verified. The injection moulded parts are then ready for despatch.