Vision & Mission Overview

Primal Plastics is committed to continuously improve on sustainability of our four core foundations SQVI, committed Service at best Quality and great competitive Value with consistent Innovation, as after all, the only thing in life that is consistent is chance and chance create solutions for the future.


To make an idea a reality through Innovative Ingenuity in plastic engineering and to ensure the highest standard of products through ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 quality controls. Protect the environment through active involvement and awareness.

Constantly meeting customer satisfaction at all levels and supports their innovative ideas by making them a reality.

PP strive to encourage business cohesion between business ethics and moral values. PP strive to continuously empowering women by becoming the best all women managed plastic manufacturing SME possible.


To be the leading and preferred SME company in the specialised plastic industry by providing the highest quality on specialised product at the most competitive price.

To validate and pursue the strengthening of the South African economy and empower woman by continuous training and development.

To create a culture of best service delivery with honesty, dignity and respect between employer and employee, all stakeholders and customers in general. Respect the purpose of business and deliver the best product.

Core Ingenuity Values


Our most important differentiator is our ability to deliver specialised products and other on time, all the time. In order to achieve this, we manufacture 15000 units per day and we also carry significant stock of all products.


We pride ourselves in the manufacture of high quality plastic products to international certification of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. We will exceed our customers’ expectations by continuously improving our processes, products and committed services.


Improve productivity by applying SMART system tools and optimise labour utilisation resulting in effective cost control, which improved value for money by keeping price down. Give back to local communities positively and continuously improve the lives of employees.


We believe in applied ingenuity. We believe challenges are made for solutions and solutions create opportunities for continuous improvements. Through continues innovation we create customers for life by exceeding expectations.